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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

Some of our Bluegrass Canine Family

Testimonials: Testimonials

Hi Anne,
Sounds great - we will be getting the puppy between March 1st and 15th. I will contact you when we know the date and we can easily schedule her lesson for any morning.  Thanks! I got your name from Caesar Millan's web page (The Dog Whisperer).


Jenny and I are so happy with Marcellus' behavior after having spent the time with you.  He no longer shows aggression or (fear) towards other dogs and children.  He is  a completely different dog and we are completely different dog leaders.  We were so worried about him getting along with Marty and Macy but no longer.  We are leaving the three of them alone for longer and longer periods of time and they are getting along very well.  We can't wait to bring the dogs back for more advanced training. We all thank you!

Jay, Jenny, Marty, Macy, and Marcellus Nashville, TN

Keena and Kaya had a great week with you at Bluegrass Canine. We continue to work with them and their training seems to be progressing. Hopefully the next time you see them they will be even better. Thank you for spending your time late into the evening to make us more confident dog handlers. We look forward to having Keena and Kaya stay with you at Bluegrass Canine in December.

Kirk Hurme
Nashville, TN

Hi Anne,
I just wanted to let you know how our first day turned out.  GREAT!  We started working with him as soon as he got out of the truck.  We worked a lot on walking around the back yard and giving him commands.  He did well even with the neighbors Akita jumping up on the fence acting crazy.  Blue pretty much ignored him.  That never happened before!

Elizabeth Gerry
Louisville, KY

Hey Anne-
Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work with our dog, Bogey the Chocolate Lab.  He is doing really well and we are constantly working with him on what you taught all of us.  We will definitely bring him back to you next time he needs to be boarded. Thanks again!

Carrie Thompson
Nashville, TN

Dear Anne,
Just a note to thank you for all your help with Max. He is doing great! I work with him twice a day. There are a lot dogs that run loose so sometimes its challenging but he tries to stay focused. P.S. I hope your trip to Louisiana went well and you will be in our thoughts & prayers! Thanks again.

Maureen Linder
Gallatin, TN

A few sample clients & their dogs. There are many, many, more!

Larry Maynard



Sara Plambeck

Luther & Olive
Pit Bull & Lab X Poodle


Danny Jenkins

German Shepard

Basic Obedience/Manners

Jeff & Michelle Mercer

Sammy & Maxwell
Newfoundland & Hound Mix

Basic Obedience/Manners

Katy Wayne



Basic Obedince/Manners/Aggression

Scott Crabtree

Sugar & Honey
Golden Retriever

Basic Obedience/Manners

Julie Howell

Golden Retriver

Basic Obedience/Manners

Annette Todd


St. Bernard X

Confidence Building/Manners/Obedince

Jay Kang

Shepard X

Obedience/Manners/Dog Aggression

Grace & John Moore

Anna & Daisy
Black Labs

Basic Obedience/Manners

Brooke Clemmons


Miniature Pincher

Basic Obed/Fear Aggression

Chuck & Lydia Petersen

Yellow Lab

Basic Manners

Elvis Bikio


Basic Obedience/Manners

John & Joy Bradley

Logan & Gizmo
Collie & Chihuahua

Fear Aggression/Manners

Pat Pewitt


Behavior Modification/Obedience

Russell Gerry

German Shepard

Aggression/Behavior Modification/Obedince

Robyn Schornak


Housebreaking/Basic Obedience

Phyllis Keifer


Aggression/Basic Obedience

Micheal Brown


Basic Obedince & Manners

Jeremy & Candice O' Dell



Aggression/Basic Obedience/Behavior Modification

Jennie Goad


Basic Obedience

Donna Woods

Golden Retriever

Basic Obedience/Manners

Dorothy Brown

Sassy & Cricket

Boston Terriers

Basic Obedience

Mark Pollard

Deaf Pitbull

Basic Obedience/Sign

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