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Board and Train

Our relationship based private comprehensive program teaches and trains both dogs AND their owners! Dogs reside in our comfortable kennels for 3 -4 weeks. During this time they are schooled 3-4 times a day, with 2 additional play sessions to relax. Dogs will learn all basic commands on leash, with an emphasis on manners. (I.E. no biting, chewing, jumping up, etc.)Covered are heel, loose lead walk, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, come when called and a place command. Dogs in behavioral rehabilitation will receive these commands also, in addition to problem specific training. If time permits, Basic agility and beneficial games are introduced as well. Off leash control is included. Owners visit at the end of each week if possible for a private lesson and a chance to interact with their dog. Owners receive basic handling skills, an overview of dog psychology and follow up information. After week three, its time to go home. Owners have another lesson when they pick up their dog. 2 additional lessons are available as follow up lessons. This is a very comprehensive approach and allows owners to be actively involved in the process of learning with their dog. Only Bluegrass Canine can offer this program, and it allows us to reach success with both dogs and owners.

Refresher Training

3 night stay will include training to advance your dog or work on any problem areas. Available on a limited basis for established clients only.

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