Boarding & Refresher Training

Once a pet has been through the training program, they can board at the kennel. All boarding includes training. We recommend 1-2 short refresher sessions a year for young dogs. All holidays book up 90 days or more in advance, so please reserve early!

Basic Training Program

Our comprehensive program teaches and trains both dogs and their owners! Dogs reside in our comfortable kennels for 3 weeks and are schooled 3-4 times a day, with additional play sessions or training if needed. Dogs will learn all basic commands on leash with an emphasis on manners. For example, no biting, chewing or jumping up are allowed. Covered are the heel command, loose lead walk, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and come when called. Dogs in behavioral rehabilitation will learn the basic commands as well as problem specific training. Basic agility and beneficial games are taught as well. Off leash control is introduced. Owners visit at the end of each week for a private lesson and a chance to interact with their pet. Owners receive handling skills, an overview of dog behavior principles, and follow up information and support. After week 3 dogs go home and follow up lessons are scheduled at approximately 10 and 21 days after leaving the kennel, for a total of 5 private lessons. This is a very comprehensive approach and allows owners to be actively involved in the training process. Only Bluegrass Canine offers this  program and it has been shown for over 10 years and hundreds of dogs to be very successful.

What We Don't Do

For over 10 years family based dog training has been our only focus at Bluegrass Canine. We don't do dog "day care". We don't groom dogs (other than basic brushing of long coated dogs, of course). We don't breed dogs. We don't sell dogs. We don't train personal protection dogs. We don't do group classes. We don't do in home training, although occasionally we do in home follow ups if its needed.

Advanced Training

Our advanced off leash program can be added after your dog finishes the basic training here at the kennel. It utilizes the electronic collar to give you control, while your dog enjoys freedom from a leash. Modern e-collar training uses very low level stimulation to reinforce commands already known to the dog. By only using the e-collar on an already trained dog with good communication skills in place, learning is very easy and the dogs life gets fun, with no leash constraints. Using this method only has proven to be fun and rewarding for both dogs and their owners.

Board & Train Services