5. What is your training "method"?
I use a mixture of methods. I am a balanced trainer, using both praise and fair, consistent correction. I also use a variety of equipment to train. I may use 3-4 different types of training collar on a dog. I let the dog choose which collar they will respect and respond to.
6. How many dogs are at the kennel?
Because I choose to keep my kennel small, there are usually 10-15 dogs here. This allows my assistant and I to give lots of individual attention to each dog. There is a waiting list, so call early for reservations.

3. What is included?
In the basic obedience and manners program your dog will stay in the kennel and be worked 3-4 times daily. Commands learned include loose lead walk, heel, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay and come when called.  As part of this package up to 5 private lessons are included. One private lesson a week while your dog is at the kennel and 2 follow up lessons held at the kennel after you take your dog home. Follow up lessons are offered at no additional charge, and recommended, but are not a part of the paid program. Follow up lessons are held M-F 9-5 by appointment only. Manners such as no jumping, play biting, leash pulling are included in the basic and advanced program. 
4. If you train my dog will he/she work for me?
Because you will come out each week for a private lesson, your dog will work for you. You will learn as your dog learns, and your leadership skills will create a comfortable structured environment for both you and your dog.

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7.Is there a "guarantee"?
What I can guarantee is that your dog will learn the commands. I cannot guarantee YOUR commitment to the training process. Dogs are always the easy part of the equation, and people training has become my specialty! I will work diligently to help you understand why your dog reacts as he/she does, and to help you correct and expand your dogs life. Creating your ideal dog is my favorite job. Clear requirements and goals are explained in detail for you when we discuss your dog.
8.What about behavior modification?
Call for info on behavior modification and rehabilitation. I have extensive experience with any dog behaviors. Although your dogs behavior may be particularly upsetting to you, rest assured there is a simple answer and that will help and I can provide. With a partnership between myself, you and your dog, we can usually tackle any problem with success.
1. What training programs do you offer?
I offer 2 levels of training. Basic which all dogs must complete, and advanced off leash.

2. What does training cost?
The basic 3 week training program is $950.00 with 1/2 due and drop off and 1/2 due at pick up. Aggression, behavior modification and special training are priced individually. Give me a call for information. Advanced off leash training is an additional $300.00 and owners will need to purchase an e-collar, which runs $200.00

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