A few sample clients and their dogs!!


Dog Name

Dog Breed


Larry Maynard Pearl Poodle Obed/Confidence/Housebreaking/Behavior
Sara Plambeck Luther & Olive Pit Bull & Lab X Poodle Aggression/Obed/ Manners
Danny Jenkins Ulla German Shephard Basic Obedience/Manners
Jeff & Michelle Mercer Sammy & Maxwell Newfoundland & Hound Mix Basic Obed/Manners
Linda Cook Buddy Rottweiler Basic Obed/ Manners
Katy Wayne Cody Maltese/Poodle Basic Obed./Manners/Aggression
Scott Crabtree Sugar/Honey Golden Retriever Basic Obed./Manners
Julie Howell Harper " Basic Obed./Manners
Annette Todd Eli St. bernard X Confidence Building/Manners/Obed.
Jay Kang Marcellous Shepard X Obed/Manners/Dog Aggression
Grace & John Moore Anna & Daisy Bllack Lab Basic Obed./Manners
Brooke Clemmons Harley Miniature Pincher Basic Obed/Fear Aggression
Chuck & Lydia Petersen Hampe Yellow Lab Basic Manners
Elvis Bikio Silver Doberman Basic Obed & Manners
John & Joy Bradley Logan & Gizmo Collie & Chihuahua Fear Aggression/Manners
Pat Pewitt Archie Yorkie Behavior Modification, Obed.
Russell Gerry Blue German Shepard Aggression, Behavior Mod., Obed.
Robyn Schornak Marshmellow Maltese Housebreaking, Basic obed.
Phyllis Keifer Max Dachshund Aggression, Basic Obed.
Micheal Brown Omar Husky Basic Obed & Manners
Jeremy & Candice O' Dell Sippi Beagle/Dacshund Aggression/Basic Obed./Behavior Mod.
Jennie Goad Elizabeth Pug Basic Obed.
Donna Woods Daisey Golden Retreiver Basic Obed/Manners
Dorothy Brown Sassy/Cricket Boston Terriers Basic Obed.
Mark Pollard Roxie Deaf Pit Bull Basic Obed/ Sign Language/E-Collar
Wynn Smith Darla Pit Bull Basic Obed/Behavior Modification
Christy Crawford Carley Bearded Collie Aggression/Behavior Modification
Shannon Presley Elsie Australian Cattle Dog Basic Obed/Fear Aggression
Jimmy Fleming Rocky German Shepard Basic Obed./Manners
Kenneth Morrison Gracie Weimerainer Basic Obed./'Manners
Kim Uy Tinkerbell German Shepard Basic Obed./Manners
Kelly Baker Zeke Pit Bull Basic Obed./Manners
Bridget Burns Lucy/Britney Hound Mix/Chow Shepard Basic Obed./Manners/Behavior Mod.
Anthony Bradshaw Starsky & Hutch German Shepards Basic Obed./Manners
Makiko Kimura Toto & Laika Mixed Breeds Basic Obed., Housebreaking
Allen Bush Barkley West Highland Terrier Basic Obed., Housebreaking
Jan Warner Riley Yellow Lab Basic Obed./Manners
Mike Dunn Coco Choclate Lab Basic Obed./Manners
Trish Sanders Gracie Pug Basic Obed/Manners
Liz Bernard Nyla Jack Russell Terrier Basic Obed./Manners
Ricky Thurston Winn/Dixie Aust. Shepards Basic Obed./Manners/Tricks
Susan Dobson Gracie English Springer Spaniel Basic Obed./Manners
Bobbi Cobb Alice Boxer Basic Obed./Manners
Kerry Leach Franklin Pit Mix Basic Obed/Manners
Paul Qualls Sailor Giant Schnauzer Basic Obed./Manners
Steve Cherry Hawk Weimerainer Aggression/Basic Obed.
Justin Copas Nibbles Rottweiler Basic Obed./Housebreaking
Brian Bailey Jersey Yorkie Basic Obed.
Christina Owens Sadie schitzu Basic Obed.



About Us (and our clients)

Anne Dottore, trainer and owner at Bluegrass Canine has a lifetime of animal experience. She has been extensively involved in training horses for showing and racing. She spent many years as a zookeeper and primate keeper at the Nashville Zoo. While at the zoo, she specialized in animal behavior and psychology. Anne has years of experience with working canines and has served on many search & rescue missions, including responding with Rescue International following 9-11 to New York's Staten Island for recovery searches. Anne currently is a canine search specialist on FEMA Tennessee Task Force-1. This entails maintaining a certified canine to mission ready status.