Bluegrass Canine Dog Training Center is located in Franklin, KY. in a quiet, spacious rural setting. We are approximately 1 hour from Nashville, TN and 1.5 hours from Louisville, KY. 





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Bluegrass Canine Dog training utilizes modern methods and dog psychology to establish communication between you and your pet. We want to help you experience the wonderful joy that a well trained dog can bring to your life. Let us show you how fun it can be for your dog to learn from us! 
Bluegrass Canine offers residential board and train services, as well as limited in home training.  New training center open now. Special emphasis is placed on teaching the owner to teach their  pet. 
We work with both young and older dogs.  We can help!
Behavioral rehabilitation of problem dogs and their owners is our specialty. We can help with aggression of all types, and any other issues that your dog may have. Please explore our website and give me a call to schedule your free evaluation. New sessions are booking now, so please call. Check our Owner FAQ's for answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Anne Dottore
Certified Dog Trainer
Canine Search Specialist, FEMA Indiana Task Force-1
Canine Search Specialist, TN Task Force 2
International Association Of Canine Professionals Member # 1750

Now offering advanced off leash training programs.
10 Days to complete off leash freedom.

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 From Our Clients:
Hi:  B4 we met you I was worried about leaving Hobie at a place I really knew nothing about!  But now, I am totally relaxed about the whole process.  In the horse business I always knew something about the trainer I was leaving a horse with, etc.  The only thing I knew about you was the referral from Cesar's web cite, and the glowing reports from owners on your web cite. Life is Good!  Haa.a.a.a...  I am so excited about our future with Hobie.....and his with us.  We are now at a point in our life where we will be on the go..even more than in the past, mostly because of my Mom.  She was older and could no longer travel with us all the time and we were mostly confined to Hatteras or Joelton.  But with her passing, we are free to hit the road again....and with Hobie all fixed (eventually) he will be able to enjoy the trips also.  As you know...more and more motels and hotel chains allow pets.  And now, we will not have to live in fear of meeting a strange dog in the lobby or in the elevator! 
Thanks again for everything...   Karla, Gene and HOBIE
PS:  We got home faster and easier going the back way....

I wanted to send you a brief note of thanks for your work with Henry.  He has just turned 2 years old, and you wouldnít believe the strides he has made.  He has been totally off his anxiety medication since late spring.  Remember the boxer who literally freaked when the wind blew on him, and managed to eat a couch due to separation anxiety?  Well, that same boxer was so relaxed that he put himself in a down, while I was talking with a co-worker in the middle of the Nashville Airportís ticketing lobby on a busy Saturday morning.  He also behaved better than I could have expected during the recent Dog Day event in Nashville.  There were several hundred people and hundreds of dogs filling Centennia Park.  He took it all in stride.

   He still has to be confined to a boxer-proofed room, when I am not at home.  But now I donít have to watch him every minute when I am home.  He no longer nervously paces from room to room, like he is on constant guard.  Now, he can do one quick tour of the house and settle down for a bone or some play time.  It seems like the anxiety has been replaced with simple playfulness.  The fear replaced by more confidence in himself and in me.  Of course, we still play the games quite frequently. 

    I donít think he will ever be able to resist chasing a cat, but he has managed to learn several multiple step commands/tricks.  He wonít let me forget that he is all boxer with his own moments of stubbornness and independent thinking.  However, we seem to have formed a bond.  He seems to have relaxed into the fact that I am the pack leader, and he can trust me.  When he experiences something new that could be frightening (like fireworks for the first time), he just takes a look at me.  He seems to think that everything must be okay, because Iím still calm.  So heíll just go on about his business. 

    You once said that I shouldnít have to worry about anyone bothering me while I was walking him.  I wasnít sure about that, since he seems to love everyone.  But this summer, he found his big boy protection mode, complete with very serious and deep growl.  He has only done it a few times after hearing something unusual outside of the house at night.  Letís just say, that I have very little doubt that he would be quite a body guard, if I needed one.  Yet he thinks he is a big lap dog most of the time, and can be a gentle as possible with young children (and puppies).

   When I brought Henry to you for training, I was really at my wits end.  If the training hadnít been so successful, Iím not sure that I could have kept him.  It was hard to see him so upset and anxious.  He still has a few little issues that I believe will lessen with maturity.  But I really do credit you with putting him on the path toward the great dog he is becoming.
Thank you again,
Tonya Wood

.....Kolby is doing great!!!  Like I have said he is 200% better now than he ever was.  He is still struggling with the hand signals (he doesn't want to watch us) but he knows the verbal commands well.  He still tries to catch us off guard with his feet but usually only when he is super excited.  
  I am thrilled with what you have helped us accomplish with our BIG BOY!  I just wanted him to be part of our lives again and you have done that.  I think I would be just as happy if he never got the hand signals.  I can walk him by myself, go into the yard without getting mauled,  Stay clean outside, and bring him anywhere from inside to the Loews and he is behaved.  Luke is even catching on to some of it.
   Thank you so much for everything.  I love German Shepherds and since he is so big and intimidating, I am glad I can show people how mild mannered he is as well.  I want to promote the breed not add to the fear of them.  Kolby is now what I wanted from him all along.
  He is still learning and we are committed to keeping it up for the rest of his life.
Just let us know about the class.
Holly, Cody and Kolby



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